Banbridge and District

Saturday 28 January

A chambered grave near Loughbrickland was viewed (J112438). It is greatly mutilated. It forms part of a gateway between two fields and is bisected by the boundary hedge.

Remains of Megalithic Tomb at Aghaderg, Loughbrickland

A rath (J115442) on the Ballyvally Road was viewed from the roadside. A pair of raths at Tullyhinan were inspected. Only a fragment remains of the first (J150479) on the west side. The second (J150478) is more complete.

Window of Magherally Old Church

On the other side of the main road in Magherally (J166475) is the ruin of a late 18th church. Behind the Georgian rectory nearby (J172476) is a good rath with a well-preserved ditch. In the stable-yard of the rectory is a pump with a single wheel and handle.

Pump at Magherally Rectory

A rath was noted in passing (J172477). Two pumps (J186484) were photographed at the road junction. At Mount Ida a pair of raths (J188478 & J190480) was inspected. They are planted with shrubs and trees and are joined by a banked ride.

The rath at Ballooly (J203471) has a stream running through its ditch. Ballooly Standing Stone (J208468) was viewed from the roadside. A rath (J217495) was inspected briefly. It may have a double bank and ditch. Another rath (J210500) in Skeagh has been newly sewn and cleared.

The chambered grave at Lappoges (J255529) is greatly overgrown by sloe and disguised by adjacent rocky outcrops. One side of a court and two possible chambers could be seen. A final rath (J282502) was noted in passing.

Sunday 29 January

A rath was noted in passing (J074432) on the way to view a section of the Dane's Cast (J076436). This great earthwork crowns the hill, dropping at right angles to the road on both sides. On the east it falls to end abruptly at a stream in a broad valley below possibly four raths one of which is Lisnagade. On the west the earthwork sweeps down a steep valley and up the next hill. The banks are well preserved and there appears to be a double bank on the south side. However it is greatly overgrown and has been used as a dump.

The Danes's Cast

A rath at Glenloughan (J074441) was examined. It has a high platform surrounded by a water-filled ditch. On the south side is a small semicircular raised platform.

The Dane's Cast was again explored at the edge of Scarva (J072430). This time it appears overgrown in the northerly section but on the south side it enters the estate of Scarva House and skirting a walled garden disappears among buildings. At Lisnabrague Lodge (J068406) it again appears wide and clear down the hill to end abruptly on the north side of the road overlooking flat marshy ground.

On a hill top near Acton (J030423) is a rath slightly damaged by recent road cutting. A rath was sighted (J040445) near Drumnaleg on the way to Tandragee where a tree-ring was seen. To the northeast of the town is Ballymore Rath (J033475).