West Tyrone

Wednesday 10 July

Two raths (H512503 & H482503) were noted in passing. The standing stone marked at H502510 was not located. A castle (H498515) was investigated. Two fragments of a T-shaped building remain. The main wing is about 16m by 6m externally and is aligned E - W. In the middle of the north wall is a projecting wing about 6m square. On the outside between this projection and the main building is a Scottish-type corbel which carries the remains of a circular stairwell rising from first floor level. The building has a number of small rectangular windows, with musket-holes at the lower levels. In the west gable, at the higher levels, are some fireplaces.

A rath (H503518) was noted in passing. A standing stone (H509523) was inspected. It is about 1.4m high by 95cm wide and 45cm thick at the base. About one third of the way up the thickness is reduced to about 25cm. It is aligned approximately N - S. At Mallabeny Hill (H508541) a hill fort was investigated. A large circular area is surrounded by traces of a bank, very low on the inside but up to 2m high on the outside. It is at least 100m diameter.

The chambered grave marked at H384542 was not located. During the search a rectangular stone structure was found (H383542). It has dry-stone walls on three sides and a roof of large lintels. It is about 1.5m in all dimensions. It appears to be a large well cover but it may be a stone shelter. Close by is a lime-kiln about 2m high and 1.5m internal diameter. Three standing stones (H450635, H452637 & H453639) were noted in passing.