Saturday 21 July

At Mill Town, Co. Monaghan (H841218) there is a three-storey mill with a twin gable. In the mill section, on the first floor, are four sets of stones in a line. Three sets are still encased and complete but only the bottom stone remains of the fourth set. A notice by George Wilson, Millers indicates that the mill closed half-day on Saturday. On the ground floor in the corner are the remains of a generator and electrical switches. There are also bits of a grain elevator, metal buckets on a chain. The other section of the building houses a corn-kiln. The brick vaulting of the kiln is fairly intact but it was not possible to view the drying-floor. There is a good roof ventilator. The site of the wheel is clear but it was not possible to get close enough to see if there are any remains. A plaque on the outside of the mill indicates that it was erected by the Portadown Foundry Company.

Lennan Portal Tomb (H745233) sits on a ridge and has two sidestones and a displaced capstone. The maximum dimensions of the capstone are about 2m long by 1.5m wide and 30cm thick. It is irregularly shaped. The orthostats are about 1.4m high by 1.5m long and 30cm thick. There are many cup-marks on the upper surface of the capstone but they are probably natural. The orthostats look like granite with large quartz veins and the capstone may be dolerite.
Corlealackagh Court Grave (H787224) is very much overgrown. A number of orthostats are visible and they form part of a court and a chambered gallery. There is a great deal of cairn material and the tomb is surrounded by thick thorn which makes examination and access very difficult.

The double court-grave at Cohaw, Co.Cavan (H644125) was viewed. It is a massive structure aligned approximately N-S. The southern grave has a court which is fairly intact on the west side but only fragmentary on the east. There are two chambers in the gallery each about 2m long and more than lm wide. The northern grave has also a two-chambered gallery with the outer chamber being larger than the rest. The northern court is very complete especially an the west side. Between the galleries is a central chamber which does not appear to belong to either grave and may be a separate structure with an entrance in the west side. The east side has five orthostats and the west side has two with a large gap between them. The other two side share stones with the galleries. The stones in the monument are generally large being up to 1.3m high. A number of small stones throughout the structure are set in concrete and some wooden posts presumably mark the sites of missing orthostats. A large stone lies a few metres to the east of centre and may be a displaced capstone. The whole structure sits in a massive cairn about 25m long by 12m wide.

Lisnadarragh Wedge-grave (H724077) is a very fine structure although by no means complete. There are good side walls of massive stones with those at the front being more than 1.5m high. The grave is about 7m long and 3m wide at the front. Within it is a great deal of rubble and a possible displaced capstone about 2m by lm maximum. There are no lintels and the extent of the burial-chamber is not clear.
Templemoyle Church (H787140) sits in a very overgrown graveyard which has some recent graves. There are many plain grave-markers and some 19th century stones. One stone, dated 1811, has a pair of wingless cherubs. The church is rectangular with a large opening for the east window. The doorway was in the south wall where there is a large gap. There is a small west window and a south window near the east end.

The megalithic tomb in Lagan (H800151) is greatly scattered and the exact nature is unclear. At least two chambers or one chamber and a gallery can be seen running approximately N-S. Other large stones to the east may be part of a facade or a court. There is a great deal of cairn material and many large stones but the chambers are filled with rubble and interpretation of the site is very difficult.

A court-grave in Drumguillew Lower (H771182) was examined. It is about 7m long. The east wall of the gallery is fairly intact with at least four large stones. There are fragments of the west wall. No dividing stones are visible in the gallery. At the south end is a court stone and parts of the facade. There are small remains of a cairn.

At Rockcorry (H647192) are the remains of a two-storey stone mill. A fragment of a wing extends at right angles towards the mill-race (or river) and this may have housed the wheel of which there is now no trace. Beside the mill is a tall brick chimney. Near the mill is a row of single-storey houses now almost completely derelict.

The megalithic tomb at Edergole (H614196) is a very fine structure. There is at least one chamber with a capstone and four orthostats, two of which form a portal. Stretching back from this to the west is a long gallery one side of which has at least four stones and a backstone. It is set in a roadside fence so that what remains of the south side of the gallery forms part of the fence.