County Antrim

Sunday 29 May
The party collected at Ballygally Castle and proceeded in convoy to the car park at Slemish. After a brisk climb to the summit no trace of St Patrick was to be found; no goat, pig nor sheep to be seen. The only reminder of the Saint on this day was a group from St Patrick's, Ballymena, who were having a barbeque at the end of a treasure hunt. We refused all offers of burnt meats and the like. We had our simple lunch on our return to the car park.

After lunch we went to Ballymarlagh Court Tomb (D141017). This very fine structure has been recently cleared of the encroaching thorn and bramble. The tomb is set in a long cairn aligned approximately E-W. There are good remains of the court at the east end and there are four burial chambers in the gallery. There is a large amount of cairn material. At the west end of the cairn is a smaller separate burial chamber.
Drumfane Motte and Bailey were inspected (D118055). The motte is about 8m high and about 10m across the top. It is very steep and the surrounding land drops away sharply. It is in very good condition and lightly planted. The bailey has suffered greatly from quarrying.

Ballymena Motte (D168092) could not be closely inspected. It is greatly overgrown but appears to be at least 3m high and has good strong defences.
Ticloy Portal Tomb (D231117) is a small single-chambered tomb and one of the few such structures in Co Antrim.

The polygonal chamber has two capstones and some of the orthostats form a small shallow court. It is thought by some that this structure forms a link between court-tombs and portal-tombs. There is no significant cairn material.
Antynanum Court Tomb (D255110) was investigated. This is a very fine monument set in the west end of an extremely long cairn. The court is in very good condition and the chambers are well preserved.

There is a very large amount of cairn material. Near the east end of the cairn is another tomb. This has a single polygonal chamber and may be a portal-tomb or a small passage-tomb. The capstone has been displaced. The site has not been excavated and it may contain other burial monuments.
Gowkstown Wedge Tomb (D316108) is a very fine example of an Early Bronze Age or Late Neolithic burial monument. It is set in a long cairn and has a single large burial and a small antechamber. The antechamber is flanked by a number of orthostats which form a straight facade. The burial chamber is formed from a number of orthostats and there is one capstone in place. The edges of the tomb are formed by closely spaced orthostats. The cairn material lies between the inner and outer sets of orthostats.

Dunteige Wedge Tomb (D324079) is similar to the monument in Gowkstown but is less complete. However the twin chambers are clearly visible as is the double wall and the straight facade. A short distance to the north-east is a large square boulder. On it is faintly inscribed a cross with expanded terminals.